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Advertising LED Display

Advertising LED display 3G Router Control

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Advertising LED display 3G Router Control

    By using the wireless router, and wireless network card, it’s very easy to realize the control within 100m. if the distance is more than 100m, but less than 300m, AP router will be a good choice. If it’s even longer, like between two different cities, you can choose 3G technology.
(Graph 2)

    Inside the LED display, there is a 3G router, which can offer the internet connection through 3G network. The server is the place for storing the data. The small computer or laptop is used to send the data to the server. Once the data is sent to the server and saved in a certain folder, the control system in the display will go through the 3G network to the server to check whether there are some new data, if yes, the data in the control system will be updated. So, in this way, the computer, display and server can be in different cities or even in different countries.

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