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Stadium LED Display

LED Stadium Display(Perimeter display)

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Nowaday LED display are widely used in many occasions, even in sport field. As the perimeter display around the football stadium. This kind of display should have the following features:
1. Easy to use: Fast installation and easy to change the angle when standing there;
2. Protection: As the football game is a kind of fierce competition, a lot of things should be taken into the consideration, for example, protection for the football player and the display.Likeor stadium display ’LKPL1600O’, this LKPL series use the soft rubber mask and the protection pillow , which can prevent the player from injury,and also avoid destroying the display;

3. Good viewing effects: As the display is around the stadium, the audiences should be able to see everywhere clear except facing the back side of the display. The product LKPL1600O is using Dot Matrix technology from us, which has a very good viewing angle and color blending distance;

  The whole perimeter display is very wide but short in height, and normally the display will be splitted into many sections to show the ads or the stadium information. In this way, there is a easy way to control it by one or two computers.If it too long, the signal extender or the fiber will be needed. 

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